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Your Wedding Film

This is not your parent’s wedding video.  This is not a “push record on the video camera” before we walk down the aisle.

This is you…both of you. Your family. Your friends. The reminiscing and the inside jokes to giggle away the wedding day nerves.

This is the look between you and your dad when he sees his little girl in a woman’s wedding gown.

This is the quivering lower lip of the groom’s mother during their last dance.

This is the flower girl pulling at her itchy tights.  The ring bearer tugging at his collar.

This is you choking up during vows that you swore you would not cry about.

All of this.

In a documentary about you that you can take with you and watch your friends see your movie.

That you can proudly – and frequently – say, “This is my wedding.”

That is who we are and what we do at chrisdscott Films. We make films…that move.