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Your Product

Your wedding films arrive on your choice of a Tuxedo Black or Bridal White iPad Mini.  Why an iPad?

Well, we’re not in the business of selling Apple products. More importantly…

  • No USB thumb drives or DVDs to lose.
  • They play full HD video, and fit easily in the palm of your hand.
  • You can take it anywhere, play it anywhere and be proud to show it off.
  • Unlike TVs, you’ll know that the video you see looks exactly like the video I created in regards to coloring and contrast.
  • Anyone can use it, knows how to use it, or can quickly learn.
  • For the money you invest, shouldn’t you expect more than a couple of plastic discs in a case?

So that’s a few of the reasons why  – when you invest in one of our full day packages – we invest back into you.

So how do I let friends/family see my wedding films that don’t live near me?

Along with your iPad Mini, you will also be provided a link to a page on my site that all your wedding films can be downloaded from. This page will never ‘expire’ and you can share the webpage as much as you want.


2015 Pricing

My wife and I both hate talking about money. We hate how much things cost. I dislike having to charge for my services.
I have no intention of becoming rich at this. My family makes more than enough and have always lived below our means. What my strategy and plan is to charge enough to sustain the business. I enjoy what I do and I want to be able to create stories for many others. Sustainability of my business means I can continue to create those stories as it pays for itself.  To me, that’s the core of my motivation – telling stories of love that sustain relationships and help them last.

Cinematography – Packages start at $3450 for ten hour coverage, contact me for details!

I love to travel, shooting all throughout the South.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed occasion!