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In reference to an earlier post, I was going to review the accomplishments on one of my goals of getting published this year.

This happened not just once, but three times this year.  And I made cover on one of the three.

I usually am uncomfortable with bragging on myself, but this is more for my own personal growth rather than my ego.

That being said, Relix magazine was very good to me in 2010.  I look forward to expanding that relationship this year.  To the tune of more regional assignments on top of local assignments.

2010 was a generous year full of diversity.  2011 will bring about digging deeper into narrow genres.  This is where the hard work begins.  Thanks to everyone for the support this year.  Thanks to everyone that has tolerated my self-loathing and doubt.  Thanks to those that have called me out when my work was subpar.


This time last year, I posted up some goals and set myself up for success or failure.  In the previous post, I mentioned that I was inspired by the initiative that Tim Tebow took at the beginning of his senior year with the Florida Gators.

Accountability.  When you enlist others to hold you accountable, you are driven by the fear of failure.

So I held myself accountable.

Here’s a quick recap of those goals.

Here are my 10 photography goals for ’10:

1. Outgrow.  My current camera body is rated for 100K actuations.  That’s 100,000 times Canon says I should be able to take a picture before the camera has the potential to start failing.  Why should I want my camera to fail?  I don’t, but the more times I snap that shutter, the better I get.  By setting that milestone, I dedicate myself to picking up the camera more frequently and really using it.  Therefore, learning more.

2. Outreach.  By attending at least 6 photogroup meetups this year, it will expand my depth of knowledge by collaborating with other experienced photographers.  It will also give me the opportunity to pass along what I’ve learned thus far, which I enjoy doing.

3. Out do.  Submit to at least 6 photography competitions this year as an incentive to shoot better quality pics.

4. Get legit.  File the proper paperwork for a Tax ID number, sales tax, state registration,insurance, and join the PPA (Professional Photographers Association).  This establishes me as a legitimate photographer and gives me credibility.

5. Get published.  Show up in print in a serious publication.  Something along the lines of Rolling Stone, Spin, Tulsa People, etc.

6. Get sponsored.  Find a vendor to fund my passion.  Something that I can back with a clean conscience.  Something that I believe in using.

7.  Get frequent.  Update my blog at least twice a week.  Staying connected, you know.

8. Get the good stuff.

Keep my investments in future lenses to L glass.  Pricier, but from what I’ve seen so far, definitely worth the extra money.  Don’t buy any lens, if at all possible, unless it’s the pro quality.  Because it’s the lens that makes the image.

9. Get specialized.  Find a photography genre that plays to my strengths, that I enjoy, and get plugged into that genre.  Own that space.  Be the (insert) photographer that everyone goes to for (insert) photography.

10.  Give back.  Find a way to be philanthropic to other photographers and the community as a whole.  Give, and it will be given back to you.

Thanks for listening and watching to see if I fail.  I find that highly motivational.

Going over those goals, here’s what I accomplished and what needs work:

  1. Outgrow: I’m halfway through the manufacturer suggested lifetime on one camera, and almost halfway through the other camera.  Altogether, I might have already burned through a camera body.  However, I’ve also learned that you should always work a job with a backup.  However, I have burned through a lot of shots within one year.  Closest estimate: 65,000.
  2. Outreach: I’ve definitely attended more than 6 photogroup meetups this year.  Met, connected, and networked with a lot of other photographers from all genres – retail, commercial, wedding, senior/family.  I’ve shared a lot of what I know with other photographers, and learned a great deal from the wisdom of others.
  3. Out Do: This one I didn’t really meet my goal.  I only submitted to two different photography competitions.  I didn’t win in either one.  However, going forward in 2011, I don’t think this is going to be a repeat goal for 2011.  Reviewing what works for my business and what doesn’t, I fail to see how winning photography competitions is going to drive my business forward.
  4. Get legit: Done and done.  By the end of this month, the insurance part will be complete once I have a stable inventory to file with the underwriter.  Going forward, I’m going to pursue professional associations this year: PPA, ASMP.
  5. Get Published: Yes, and more to come.
  6. Get Sponsored: This has not happened…yet.  I’ve put some leads out there, for endorsement deals.  That will continued to be pursued in 2011.
  7. Get Frequent: Averaging out, my frequency was more like once a week.  This will be improved in 2011 now that I have a editorial schedule in place.
  8. Get the good stuff: I scraped together my pennies, dug in the couch, and spent time researching the best deal. I did lock in premium L glass for all my needs.  Anything beyond my current inventory will be for specialty lenses, such as a tilt-shift.
  9. Get Specialized:  I have found genres that I not only enjoy, but are marketable in my area.  This year will involve fleshing those out and deepening my experience.
  10. Give Back: Lots of it.  Help Portrait was a big part.

All in all, not too bad.  I’ll be posting up my 2011 goals before the end of the month.