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Solving the puzzle one piece at a time

So it’s that time again where I hold myself accountable by immortalizing my goals. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s one thing to have goals that you work to achieve during the year.
It’s entirely another to broadcast those goals to friends, family, “frenemies” and the like; knowing they will be watching to see if you succeed or fail. It’s human nature to want to see both. We love hearing success stories, but at the same time we also can’t resist slowing down to see who got pulled over for speeding by the local police.
Photographers are such a small community in the first place, so this ups the ante on accountability.
Therefore, with a deep breath, here I go:

  1. Shooting for Big Game: Because of the direction I want my business to go, I’m going to invest in the direction of studio lighting.  I won’t be neglecting my love of speedlites because there will always be a need or situation that requires them.
  2. Double Your Fun: Last year, I knocked out 65 paid shoots, and then 8 weddings.  Not bad for the first full year in business.  This year, I plan on doubling that output while streamlining my workflow so I don’t end up with half as much free time.
  3. Share The Fun: I averaged a little over a blog post a week last year.  I’m going to double that as well to twice a week on average.  Additionally, I’m going to work in more video as either a “behind the scenes” montage or other areas.
  4. Whittle It Down: Last year, I was all over the place in terms of the genres of photography that I shot for.  I’ve trimmed a couple off already and I will continue to narrow down my specialities as I also add depth to “the keepers”.
  5. Pro Bono: I’m committing to giving back by shooting non-profit four times this year.  No more, no less.
  6. Market, market, market: One clear message across the industry is that marketing has to be done by the photographer themselves. My goal is to identify and “close the sale” on one prospect a month.
  7. Get Associated: The two big ones on my list: PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers).
  8. Get Endorsed: This is going to be the result of a lot of other factors, but I will continue to pursue the dialogues I have in place now to get endorsed by a vendor by 2012.
  9. Get a Deep Portfolio: Instead of a portfolio of every facet of photography, I will focus on a portfolio that has depth in three areas: Commercial, Interiors, and Weddings.
  10. Reap By Giving: This is the one I get the most excited about. By practicing my beliefs, I’m going to reap by giving. That simply means that if I want my business to grow, I should invest in the businesses of others.  Namely, I will be putting forth strong effort into the business of one or more photographers to strategically grow their business.

I’m truly excited about what this year is going to mature into.  One thing that I’ve clearly come to understand is that goals have become integral to my success so far.

What are you working to achieve this year?  Who’s holding your feet to the fire to get them done?

  • Jacki - I’m excited for the behind the scenes videos. I think they’ll be great!

  • Cyndyeb - Yo Momma will be watching. hehehehe

  • Chris Scott - I had you in mind when I put down that objective, Jacki. I remembered how you dug them.

  • Memaw Scott - Okay Chris, your very proud Memaw will be watching. You have already made me very proud and grateful to have been a part of your life.

Small, chic and bubbly!

First of all, if you have an interest in Interior Design and you have not read Jeannine’s blog, you need to go there now. Subscribe to her feed and get caught up.
I met Jeannine at a previous Blogs for Breakfast event and professed our fandom for one another. I enjoy the personality that she injects into her posts, and she was a fan of the interior photography work that I had done. I’m excited at the prospect of a collaboration with her.
Unlike what one would preconceive of a “blogger”, she is a bright, bubbly, outgoing personality that engages everything that she does with high spirits. She’s not afraid to give you a frank assessment but is quite the cheer captain of things that she enjoys and appreciates.
I don’t want to detract or unfairly abridge what she has blogged about so frequently, but she thoroughly enjoys making the most of the space available. No matter how much space you have. I encourage you to connect with her, leave comments, or even meet with her over coffee!
Thanks, Jeannine.