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I recently was asked by Christina Ball to update some of their images for the Speak Language Center. Christina and the rest of her staff were really easy to work with and guide into the different shots.
If you’re not aware of their approach to language instruction, find out more on their site. They cater to individuals as well as corporate groups. Christina will make you feel very welcome as soon as you walk in the door.


New York City on a Friday morning.

In light of recent news, I had to reflect over the recent stop I made in New York LaGuardia on my way to Chicago. I couldn’t help but reflect on what had happened that day nearly 10 years ago.
Trying to imagine the panic and fears of not only the American citizens on the streets of this city, but the ones on different floors of buildings; fathers, sons, mothers, daughters.
I tried to imagine the panic and fear of those that drew the short straw and were on doomed flights. Flights that collided with buildings.
I distinctly remember trying to conjure up that scene in the early hours while on that flight as the wing dipped and we circled the Manhattan morning.
I knew then like I know now. I’ll never know what it was like. None of us will ever be witness.
And now with the announcement last night, hopefully none of us ever will again.
Finally, we have a great chance to never forget, but possibly forgive.

  • Lindsey Henry - lovely post Chris. 🙂

  • admin - Thanks, Lindsey. And thanks for commenting.