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I know it’s a bit late in the year, but I feel like I need some closure for 2011. I’ve gathered some of my favorite images from last year’s weddings. Looking back always gets me excited and motivated for this coming season.
There’s so many great memories that I shared from each of these days that changed one boy and one girl’s life. I love how photography seals those memories forever.


Heather Hightower and Laura Van Camp were kind enough to ask for my assistance in promoting their new location directly on the downtown mall of Charlottesville – right in the middle of the “Garment District”.
Newly designed and renovated, Jean Theory: is now open for business. The exterior has a very attractive “art deco” feel, and the interior is a nice blend of modern and minimalism. Watch the video to see the space, hear how everyone is excited for Laura, and how the girls of Jean Theory: want you in their pants!