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Female Portrait Session in downtown Charlottesville Virginia

The last portrait session I did in Charlottesville – and I very rarely do portrait sessions – was with Heather.  She told me the standard lines of “I’m not sure I’m good in front of the camera”, “What should I wear?”, “I hope these turn out okay.”

Very clearly, I didn’t have much difficulty getting her relaxed so she could enjoy herself.

Heather, I SO enjoyed hanging with you that afternoon as we dodged traffic in downtown Charlottesville.  That will always be a great memory.


Whether or not you’ve visited their store in the past, Jean Theory is back and bigger than ever.  Laura Van Camp – along with a tremendous social media marketing campaign by Heather Hightower – has relaunched at their new location directly in the Garment District of the Downtown Mall.

The interior layout is clean, modern and minimal; providing a perfect focus on the product.  Laura takes great pride in not just selling jeans, but overhauling your image with a custom crafted look.  Next time you’re enjoying a Saturday afternoon stroll on the bricks, step in just to say “Hi” and see what they have to offer.

Jean Theory Commercial Videography Charlottesville Virginia