chrisdscott Films » Professional wedding cinematographer of beautiful Southern brides.


Mainly, you are reading this to find reasons to trust me to be the one to document your life.
So, here are the three promises I make to every client:

  • Honesty: I love honesty and I give honestly. If I can’t deliver what you are asking for, I will find someone that can.
  • Excellence: I will exceed your expectations.
  • Ability: I will catch those fleeting moments you don’t even know you wanted.

There you go.

Here’s a little about who I am in a list of things I love, in the order I love them:

  • Christ
  • Wife
  • Daughter
  • My dog, Amigo
  • Texas A&M
  • CrossFit
  • My colleagues in the wedding industry
  • A good cold beer
  • Watching well-directed movies
  • Good music

God has blessed me with gifts, and I feel compelled to share with others and enrich their lives.