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New Packaging-Pensacola Wedding Cinematography

Product Packaging

I’m really excited to release my new product packaging for my wedding cinematography clients for this year.
With all the immediate gratification of our current digital era, I wanted to bring back the quality and feel of handcrafted products.
Each box will include:
-Two DVDs, one for the parents on each side of the family
-Each DVD is enclosed is a LOKTAH Rustic DVD Case
-One handmade wooden USB thumb drive imported from a craftsman in Germany and laser-engraved locally by Sara with In A Flash Laser Engraving
-Lastly, a letter is enclosed in an envelope from me to the couple. Keeping in the spirit, the letter is hand-typed on an Olivetti 33 typewriter and tea-stained by hand.
All together, the packaging takes about a week worth of evenings. To me, it’s worth it.
It’s worth it to create more than just a sloppy DVD and a thumb drive from Best Buy. For the most important day in a young couple’s life, I wanted something that they would be proud to display on their shelf. I wanted an heirloom that they can show their children and their grandchildren.
I wanted everlasting memories. I wanted a quality product that would last.