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Brides on Film – Southern Wedding Film Photography

Southern wedding film photography of bride and groom with rings

This picture was shot on Fuji 400h. That’s 35mm film on a Canon 3 camera.

“I thought film was dead?”
“What’s wrong with digital?”
“Isn’t digital better?”
“Isn’t film harder to shoot?”
“Won’t it take longer to see my pictures?”

These and many more of some of the questions I get when I mention that I shoot weddings on film.
Trusting your photographer to shoot the wedding on film isn’t for every bride. But then the question is, what kind of bride would choose a film shooter?
The crazy ones? The misfits? (Queue the Apple “Think Different” commercial.)
In the spirit of “You Might Be A Redneck…”, here’s my list of the qualities and traits of a bride that would choose a film photographer instead of a digital photographer.
You Might Be A Bride That Chooses Film If…

  • You trust your photographer explicitly. They could show up with a bag full of disposable camera and you would shrug your shoulders knowing they know what they are doing.
  • You value quality over quantity. You would rather have 200 phenomenal images of your wedding than 2,000 snapshots from every angle for every moment.
  • You remember your photography class in high school/college and fondly remember the look and feel.
  • You loved the look of your parent’s wedding photos and want something that brings back that intimate quality.
  • You want something different; something other than what you see posted from your friends.
  • Facebook/Flickr/mySpace can come and go, hard drives and computers can crash, but you know you will always have your photos.
  • You like that your photos won’t be outdated or out-of-style in 5 years because they were processed with the Photoshop action that was trending at the time.
  • You’ve been told that photographers that do film are less likely to be “shoot and burn” and take their craft more seriously.
  • You’ve done your research and know that from all the things at your wedding, your photos will last the longest. Other than the rings.
  • You don’t generally have to have the latest and greatest. (Except for Apple products; that doesn’t count!)

From a personal standpoint, know that if you are a bride that believes in the difference then I believe in you.