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Wedding Photography Minimalism – Charlottesville Wedding Photography

One photographer that I admire – Bryan Bartlett – inspired me by his images. When he posts images, he seldom posts more than a dozen images. No matter if it’s a wedding, a senior portrait, or just some family event. In that spirit, how many pictures is too many?
Within the wedding photography, you often hear it referred as almost a badge of honor when someone shot 1400, 1800 or over 2000 at a wedding. That only makes one question: are we photography artists, or an image insurance?
Can a bride trust the skill of their photographer enough to only take a fraction of those pictures?
Taking it further, what if the bride were to only want one image of the entire day? What would that photo look like? Would it resemble the attached photo? Would the photographer be trusted enough? Would they be able to deliver that one image?
Why not just one image?
When you boil that day down to one take-away, couldn’t it be distilled into one image?
As wedding photographers, we should look for those sole images that sum up the entire day. If we get bogged down with thousands of images to process, let’s reduce that number. If the bride and groom believes in you, why could you not deliver just one image? What would you miss that all the other guests would not have captured as well?
There’s probably no immediate answer, but I ask that you embrace the question. Would you remember your wedding day with just one photo?