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Happy Fathers Day

More often than before, I am savoring old photos. Especially the older film prints of members of my family.
For Father’s Day, my mom helped me put this together of my dad. It’s a nice little timeline.
On the far left is my Dad on the day he married Mom. Killer hair, right? He was all of 19 in that photo.
In the middle is a pic of Dad and me around 1983. Dad was about 26; I was a year older than my daughter is now.
The pic on the far right is the closest my Mom could find to Dad being about the same age I am now. He’s 32 in that pic; I’m currently 35.

What I’m getting at is this…
I find myself looking at these old photos of my parents, studying their faces, and seeing how life was for them. This gives me hope for my future.
You see, as bad as it gets at times for my situation, I know things are ultimately going to work after all the mistakes are made and the lessons are learned.
I look at where my parents are now, and where they were in many of those old photos. I look at where I am now, and I know that life will be good in my 50s and 60s. I also see that life can be enjoyed at a much richer level. My parents – when they were my age – did not have much at all but they still managed to enjoy life. Or at least make it enjoyable. I remember Sunday mornings in the summer with the record player on, volume turned up, listening to classic 70s rock. I remember laying on the hood of the car in the front yard and shooting 7-year locusts with pellet gun out of the tree next to my Dad. I remember my Dad bearing through the rampant brain rabies called my teenage years and telling me things that he swore I ignored at the time.
I didn’t.
I still remember.
When I tried to have an excuse…”If IFs and BUTs were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”
When I have a wrench or pliers in my hand…”Righty tighty, lefty loosy.”
And thousands more. Most pop in my head involuntarily when the right moment arises. Usually when I am talking to my own daughter.
To me, that’s Father’s Day. Feeling their wisdom and learned mistakes coursing through your own bloodstream and remembering that.
Happy Father’s Day, Dad.
Love, your son.