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Festive bridesmaids-Charlottesville Wedding Photography

When you spend a lot of time photographing weddings, you notice things. One of those things is bridesmaids.
“Chris, you perv, you’re married!”
No, it’s not like that. The thing that I’ve noticed about bridesmaids is how they seem to be the emotional outlet for the bride. Being overwhelmed with the day and the emotions, most brides are almost catatonic. Bridesmaids seem to express for the bride. Joy, anxiety, fear, happiness, giddiness.
There’s a good reason that certain ladies are chosen by the brides as their bridesmaids. Consciously, they’re close and they often look good in a dress. Subconsciously, it’s their emotional connection that supports her during the day. When it comes time for the first kiss, it’s their celebration that is the best expression of the bride’s joy.