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Time to toot the horn!

In reference to an earlier post, I was going to review the accomplishments on one of my goals of getting published this year.

This happened not just once, but three times this year.  And I made cover on one of the three.

I usually am uncomfortable with bragging on myself, but this is more for my own personal growth rather than my ego.

That being said, Relix magazine was very good to me in 2010.  I look forward to expanding that relationship this year.  To the tune of more regional assignments on top of local assignments.

2010 was a generous year full of diversity.  2011 will bring about digging deeper into narrow genres.  This is where the hard work begins.  Thanks to everyone for the support this year.  Thanks to everyone that has tolerated my self-loathing and doubt.  Thanks to those that have called me out when my work was subpar.