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Blogger Highlight: Jeannine of Small and Chic in Cville

Small, chic and bubbly!

First of all, if you have an interest in Interior Design and you have not read Jeannine’s blog, you need to go there now. Subscribe to her feed and get caught up.
I met Jeannine at a previous Blogs for Breakfast event and professed our fandom for one another. I enjoy the personality that she injects into her posts, and she was a fan of the interior photography work that I had done. I’m excited at the prospect of a collaboration with her.
Unlike what one would preconceive of a “blogger”, she is a bright, bubbly, outgoing personality that engages everything that she does with high spirits. She’s not afraid to give you a frank assessment but is quite the cheer captain of things that she enjoys and appreciates.
I don’t want to detract or unfairly abridge what she has blogged about so frequently, but she thoroughly enjoys making the most of the space available. No matter how much space you have. I encourage you to connect with her, leave comments, or even meet with her over coffee!
Thanks, Jeannine.