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The final wedding of the 2013 season was Erin and Chris.

As a true representation of their wedding, this was my best edit this year.  The mother of the bride did an amazing job planning and coordinating this wedding for her daughter, making it memorable for everyone.

Chris was not one for a lot of emotion, but you could truly feel the connection between the two.

In this double feature, you’ll see the Teaser Trailer that was released a week after their wedding, as well as a special surprise local celebrity appearance in the Cinematic Edit.


Good Teaser Trailer from Chris Scott on Vimeo.

Good Cinematic Edit from Chris Scott on Vimeo.

Special thanks to my “co-workers”:

Aislinn Kate & Team – photography

Tamara Menges – florals/design

Betty Weber – cake design

Pensacola Country Club – reception venue



This wedding…wow.

If I had to describe it, it would be called ‘magical’.

Everything from the ceremony that was completely candlelit to the reception that was a jaw-dropping transformation of a hotel conference room made this the highlight of the season.

And after getting to know the bride and groom, I knew they were worth every effort of this celebration.

Enjoy this double feature of their trailer (still my favorite to date) as well as their cinematic edit.

Whitaker Teaser Trailer from Chris Scott on Vimeo.

Whitaker Cinematic Edit from Chris Scott on Vimeo.

Special thanks to the entire team:

Megan K & Team – decor/planning/floral

Tracey & Steve at Wedding Walls – decor/reception

Hilton Pensacola Beach – wedding reception

Melody Weber – Makeup

Aislinn Kate & Team – photography fabulousness!

Pensacola Fun Rentals – photobooth

Betty Weber – cake design